Beautiful Senegal

Discovering Senegal with Jotay Club was easily one of my top traveling experience. We were told to forget what we saw on social media and come with no expectations. I did just that and this trip exceeded any expectations I could have ever had. From the different beautiful excursions to the unplanned experiences like the late night ‘jotay’ we had in Lompoul desert by the bonfire (what happens in Lompoul can’t unfortunately stay in Lompoul😉), there wasn’t a day where I wasn’t in awe of this beautiful country and its people. Senegalese hospitality is top notch and we felt right at home with the entire Jotay Club staff; it was a true immersion. I highly recommend this trip(5 star isn’t enough!) and visiting Senegal in general. You definitely would not be disappointed. Looking forward to exploring other countries with Jotay Club in the near future:)


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